White Paper: AMATEA™ Guayusa Extract A Naturally Derived Ingredient for Focused Energy

Guayusa – Ilex guayusa – (pronounced “gwhy-you-sa”) is a caffeinated leaf of the holly species that grows only in the upper Amazon basin of Colombia, Ecuador, and Peru1. Traditionally, tribal societies, such as the Amazonia Kichwa, would brew guayusa leaves like tea and consume as such. However, guayusa is not related to camellia sinensis used to make green or black tea varieties. Instead, guayusa is a cousin plant to yerba mate... Download white paper to read more. 

Market forecasting for this Amazonian energy shows us that consumers are already primed for the emergence of guayusa thanks, in part, to the growth of energy beverages and more specifically natural energy as a whole. In the past decade, the U.S. energy drinks market grew 147% to $13.8B and RTD tea sales grew 111% to $11B5.... Download white paper to read more. 


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