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PurTea™ organic green tea extract has a unique composition thanks to its purified catechin stream which removes certain impurities allowing PurTea™ to have a:

  • Neutral taste profile for ideal use in food & beverage
  • Improved solubility in beverages
  • Improved bioavailability of the primary antioxidant, catechins.

PurTea™ organic green tea extract offers the health benefits from green tea, and the naturally occurring caffeine.

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Infographic - Demonstrating the unique composition of PurTea™ organic green tea extract
Insider Guide to Clean Energy Drinks - How organic and natural ingredients are changing innovation in energy drinks
Sustainable and Ethical Sourcing - Connecting consumer values to the ingredients in their products
New Organic Green Tea Extract Designed for Energy Beverages - PurTea™ to launch at Expo West​


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